Nick Bakewell

Nick Bakewell, future millionaire, adrenaline junkie, dashingly good looking young man.

Two of the above three are true ;)

On a serious note, I am a student at James Madison University majoring in computer science. Making websites has been my hobby for around seven years now. I started off by creating a fan site for the computer game called “Battle Realms”. The site, which went through ten different versions, is still online today, however it is now more of a small forum community of old Battle Realms players who haven’t touched the game in ages but remain friends.

That is what sparked my interested in website development. I proceeded to make multiple small fan sites, for games like Age of Empires, Call of Duty, and Battlefield 1942. I taught myself PHP and MySQL and continued to pump out the sites, most of them not lasting for all that long but still being good learning experiences.

A couple years ago I participated in the craze of free image hosting websites and MySpace resource websites – quite a waste of time! After that I went on a sort of hiatus for a while, and just recently started making websites again. I’ve dabbled in affiliate marketing and launched a desktop wallpaper website, WallpaperNexus.com.

And now that brings me to this site – AbstractPromotion.com. I’ve always loved the aspect of marketing and promoting, so I figured that it would be something that I could write about consistently. I also wanted to create a site that was built for longevity and would help others. Thus, AbstractPromotion.com was born. Hoorah!

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