Email Marketing: Information For Beginners

September 16th, 2010

Effective email marketing nowadays is notoriously hard to achieve.   Spam saturates our inbox to such an extent that most of us will delete the majority of our emails without even opening them.  However, with patience and proper research, email marketing can still bring good publicity and profits to your business.

The first step towards setting up an email marketing campaign is figuring out if it’s even worth it in the first place.  Gathering opt-in email addresses and keeping up a regular publication takes time and effort.  However, every possible way to generate leads is worth a look.  The main benefits of email marketing are:

  1. Keeping a dialog going on between you and your current and potential clients.
  2. Build rapport and trust between you and your clients.
  3. Pass on important news, offers, and deals to your client base.
  4. Create an easy mean of gathering referrals and repeat jobs.

A common mistake I see happening amongst those new to email marketing is inundating their subscribers list with information which is not important to their clients.  Remember, each publication should someway benefit them; if the emails become bothersome and uninteresting, they’ll unsubscribe.  Refrain from telling your clients every single bit of information, and instead consider talking about:

  1. New services or products that you have released.
  2. Current deals and coupons you’re offering.
  3. New, completed projects you’ve done.  They can get a look at your newest work and maybe trigger some ideas of their own they’ll come to you with.
  4. Occasional surveys or feedback requests.
  5. Links to any relevant articles you’ve written, your Facebook or Twitter page, etc..

Once you’ve determined to launch an email list and have a good idea of the content you’ll include in it, the next step is to start building your subscribers base.  Check back for my next article, which will address just that.

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