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HostGator Reviews

March 11th, 2008

It’s with great pleasure that I would like to announce my newest site (work in progress), HostGator Reviews – read non-biased reviews on HostGator.  I am compiling all the reviews of HostGator that I can get my hands on, and posting various other useful information, like coupon codes and whatnot.  The site runs on WordPress, just like this one.

I’m sure that you’re thinking it is kinda silly to launch another hosting review site, since it is already a very saturated market.  But I am using this as an experiment, as well as a long-term investment.  I hope to compile the biggest database of Hostgator reviews on the internet, and ultimately rise to the top of the search results for relevant keywords.  This, of course, would bring with it the opportunity for big money.

I don’t expect any quick results, but I am also going to be setting up subpages on myHostgatorReviews.com to use as PPC landing pages, another part of my experiment.  So anyways, check it out and tell me what you think!  And of course, if you have any experience with Hostgator, feel free to write it up and send it to me!

What Do You Have Planned This Year?

March 7th, 2008

Well, it is already in the third month of the year, but it’s never too late to ask: what do you have planned this year?  Maybe launching a new content network?  Getting into affiliate marketing?  Whatever it is, I want to hear about it.  As for myself, I am getting back into affiliate marketing.  I had forgotten how fun it can be (as well as frustrating).  I’ve also experimented in writing/selling ebooks, which is actually going quite well.

I know I have not been posting as useful articles on here as of late, only quick update blurbs – but I plan to fix that. In the future, look for articles on:

  • Forum promotion 101 (continuation of my series)
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Question / Answer (users email me questions, I post the in-depth answers)

As always, if you  are interested in any particular subject that you would like to see me write about, shoot me an email.

HostGator Hosting 20% Off Coupon

February 28th, 2008

Just a heads-up to everyone that is looking for hosting, HostGator is currently offering 20% off of their hosting plans with the coupon code HEART.  Their plans are already great deals, and this makes them even better.  I have been hosting with HostGator for 2 years now and love them – I highly recommended them.  Check it out and enjoy!

February Coupon Codes

February 19th, 2008

A little late into the month, I know, but here they are anyways.  Use FEBLUV at namecheap for $8.41 .com domain names, and check out all of these coupon codes for Godaddy:

  • $6.95 .COM registrations, transfers and renewals, use promo code CJC695DOM
  • 10% off any order at GoDaddy, use promo code CJCSAVE10
  • Save $1 on any order, use promo code CJCONEOFF
  • Save $20 on your order of $100 or more, use promo code CJCDEAL17
  • Save $5 on your order of $30 or more, use promo code CJCSAVE
  • Save $10 on your order of $50 or more, use promo code CJCTENOFF
  • Save 15% on your order of $75 or more, use promo code CJCDEAL
  • 20% off any GoDaddy shared hosting plan, use promo code CJC20HOST

That being said, does anyone have any topic in particular that they would like me to write about?

Domain Name Deals – $0.99 .info

January 19th, 2008

Just a quick note to let everyone know that until January 31st you can buy .info domains for $0.99 a piece at Dotster.com. Great bargain! The coupon code is 99INFODOT

Lessons Learned From The $300 Challenge

January 15th, 2008

Well it’s long past time for me to share my results and lessons from my one week $300 challenge. For those of you who may not be familiar with what I am talking about, on about the 17th of December I challenged myself to make $300 by the end of 7 days, without spending a dime. I planned to do this through article marketing that pointed to my affiliate offers – i.e. write articles and submit them to directories like eZineArticles and GoArticles, and in the author bio have some links pointing to my website, which would be pushing affiliate offers along the same subject on which my articles were written on.

$300 Challenge

So, I’m sure you’re all anxious to hear if I met my goals or not, so here goes…my total revenue was:


Yikes – not even close. But do I consider this a failure? No, not at all – true, I did not meet my monetary goals, but I learned a ton and gained a lot of invaluable experience, which in the long run I consider even better. So instead of telling you how I made $300 and how you can too (since obviously I can’t talk about that), I am instead going to use my next couple of posts to talk about what I learned and how it can be applied.

First, let me give you the details of my challenge. I ended up writing 25 articles that ranged from on average 300 to 400 words in length on the subject of improving your abs – from exercises to cautions to eating habits, you name it. I submitted all of these articles to 3 directories – eZineArticles, GoArticles, and one more lesser known directory. I also created 11 videos (editing and compiling other non-copyrighted videos) which I uploaded to YouTube and MetaCafe. The articles of course had a link back to my site at the bottom and the videos have text at the beginning and end that pointed to my site.

eZineArticles tracks your click count, which is very handy. To this date my articles have generated 603 clicks and 4,381 views. I do not know how many clicks the other directories have sent me, and I am unable to track how many clicks each article has generated from once they have been republished on a third party site (eZineArticles only tracks the clicks that originate from their site).

From YouTube I have achieved to this date 7,132 video impressions with an unknown number of clicks, and MetaCafe has given me 36,087 views and again and unknown number of clicks, which brings my total video impressions to a nice 43,219.

During December I averaged 56 unique visitors a day to my site and this month I am averaging 68 per day. Now this is not a huge amount of hits by any mean, but keep in mind that these visitors are fairly targeted – they are all looking to improve their abdominal muscles. The fact that I only managed to earn $7.25 from them I am attributing to a poorly designed and written landing page.

First I redirected the users to an offer from ClickBank which had a fairly good conversion ratio, but I did not make any sells. Then I redirected the users to a zip submit offer through Copeac for free healthy food samples, which is where I made my $7.25. Then I tried creating a custom landing page that gave the user a couple of options – the two above and another offer through Copeac, but I failed to make any sells. Currently I have it back to redirecting to the zip submit offer.

My conclusion is that there is definitely potential – although 68 hits a day is not very much, remember that it is fairly targeted traffic, and targeted traffic is worth it’s weight in gold. Pretty soon I will be trying out a different version of my landing page and see if I can’t get some sells by improving my copy and design.

In my next couple of posts I will be taking closer looks into more specific parts of my challenge and really dissecting the ins and outs of my process and what could be improved upon and what I believe has potential. Stay tuned!

I’m Not Dead!

January 3rd, 2008

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I have not abandoned Abstract Promotion and you should count on seeing my in depth write up on the results and what I learned from my one week $300 challenge within the next couple of days.  Until then, how did everyone else’s websites fair over the holiday shopping season?

Updates on $300 Challenge

December 20th, 2007

So far things are going well. I have written 20 articles, probably averaging about 350 words each, and edited 12 videos. The articles I have submitted to EzineArticles, GoArticles, and ArticleCity, and the videos I have submitted to YouTube and MetaCafe. The beginning traffic is just starting to come in – however, this may turn into a two week challenge instead of a one week challenge, as EzineArticles and ArticleCity can take up to 15 days to approve an article. I will keep up this work and hopefully within a day or two I will start to see some sales. As always, I will keep you updated.

My Battle Plan – The $300 Challenge

December 16th, 2007

I have decided to start my $300 challenge tomorrow, Monday the 16th.  For those of you who have not been reading this blog recently, I have challenged myself to make $300 pure profit (without spending any money) in seven days time.  To do this I have decided to take two routes:

  1. Article Marketing – I will be writing at least five 300 to 400 word articles per day and submitting them to a couple of the more popular article directories.  These articles will be short but well written, and designed to attract readers to my website that will be linked to at the bottom of the article (and my website will forward the user to whatever affiliate offer I am pushing).
  2. Video Marketing – I will also be making / compiling videos relating to my subject and uploading them to youtube.  These videos will have some opening and overlaying text pointing to my website, and the video descriptions will presell the product that I am pushing.

As for what product I will be selling, I have decided to use ClickBank to sell ab-workout related materials.  After browsing through their selection I think that there are some decent offers with a good chance of converting, and ab exercises are certainly a hot topic.

So my goal is to get traffic from websites that republish my articles and from viewers of my videos.  This traffic will go to my site then get redirected with my affiliate ID to whichever product’s site I am pushing, and hopefully then a certain amount of that traffic will decide to purchase their product.  As I stated above, my goal is to publish at least five articles and two videos per day, for seven days, and see where this leaves me at the end of that time.  I’ll keep you updated each day.

The $300 Challenge – About to Begin

December 15th, 2007

Well I’m home now from college finals and that means that within the next couple of days my $300 challenge will begin.  In these days preceding the start of the challenge I will be organizing and preparing myself.  I encourage you to follow along with the challenge if you are not yet making $300/week.  Stay tuned!