Promotion is Perseverance

October 21st, 2007

Promoting your website is not something you do from time to time. It’s not something that you do until you start to see success and than stop. It’s an all the time gig and it takes dedication. Think about it this way – in school, you work hard to get an ‘A’ on that first math test. You get the test back and did indeed get the ‘A’, but you don’t stop working now. If you stop working with just one good grade all of your future grades will be low – you have to keep working, keep studying the whole school year.

The same is true about promoting a website. You don’t stop promoting after you start to see an increase in traffic. If you do, your traffic will not be sustained at that level, it will drop back down.

So here is my call to action: define a couple of daily/weekly goals for yourself, write them down, and then do them. Every day. You won’t become successful if you are lazy. For example, try something like this:

  • Make 3 posts in 5 different forums targeted around your niche every day
  • Guest post on someone else’s blog once a month
  • Create one informational video and upload it to YouTube once every two weeks
  • Read and comment on 5 different blogs targeted around your niche every day
  • Write one concise but informative ebook and release it to the public once every month

These are just some examples of what you should be doing to really promote your website. The traffic (and revenue) is there for those who are willing to work hard for it.

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