Windows 7 Promotion

November 6th, 2009

With the recent release of Windows 7, it has been interesting to see Microsoft’s promotional efforts.  Prior to the release, they were strangely quiet.  Perhaps, it has been said, this was an effort not to repeat the mistakes they witnessed with the release of Windows Vista – hyping it up big time, and then having everyone let down.  Windows 7 is flying more under the radar, leading me to believe that Microsoft wants the product to speak for itself.

That being said, Apple is taking a very aggressive marketing effort against Windows 7.  Do you think they feel threatened by the new, “easier” Windows?  Maybe winning back some of the users who switched to a Mac because it “just works”?  I’ve only been running Windows 7 for about a day now, and I can definitely say it’s better than my experience with Vista, but whether or not I’ll go back to my Ubuntu Linux installation is yet to be seen.

Have you tried Windows 7 yet?  What are your impressions of the recent advertising campaigns by both Microsoft and Apple?


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